Another eventful year at the British Birdwatching Fair in Rutland Water

Last weekend John and a team of Aigas rangers descended upon the Rutland Birdfair. Armed with local organic beer and shortbread, our rangers enticed guests onto the Aigas stand to raise awareness for the Scottish wildcat, restoration ecology in the Highlands, the Aigas project and our environmental education programme. As a result we took many bookings for the 2020 season and now look forward to welcoming many new faces to Aigas.

Setting up for a talk on The Plight of the Scottish Wildcat

On Saturday John spoke to a full tent on ‘The Plight of the Scottish Wildcat’ and had an incredible response from his audience. Wildcats have certainly caught the attention of the general public and we have really noticed in the last year or so the wildcat’s profile has been significantly raised. Over the weekend many people came to the stand to ask about hybridisation, persecution, habitat loss and other key issues surrounding the Scottish wildcat, with many more keen to find out how they can help the conservation project.

John Lister-Kaye speaking to a full tent at Birdfair last week.

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