John has lectured widely on three continents. Throughout the 1980s and 90s he contributed regularly to the Smithsonian Institution Domestic Lecture programme in the United States, and has also lectured for the National Audobon Society, Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, American Museum of Natural History, Harvard Natural History Museum, The California Academy of Sciences, The Cranbrook Institute, and many others.

John welcomes invitations to lecture for good causes:  all enquiries through the Aigas Field Centre office, please. (

Upcoming Events

London Wildlife Festival: Raptor Persecution

WHEN? 10.45am, Saturday 10th august 2019
WHERE? wild world stage – london wildlife festival, walthamstow wetlands

John Lister-Kaye will speak on Raptor Persecution at the London Wildlife Festival in Walthamstow this August. It is a contentious subject, but an important one, as we see more and more raptors and other predatory mammals disappearing on driven grouse moors across the country. 

For more information, visit the London Wildlife festival website.


The Plight of the Scottish Wildcat

WHEN? 2pm, Saturday 17th August
WHERE? osprey lecture theatre, rutland birdfair

The plight of the Scottish wildcat: An update on the conservation efforts being made to save the Scottish wildcat from extinction.

Since 2011, Aigas Field Centre has been contributing to an important national programme to bring back the Scottish wildcat from the edge of extinction. We are working in partnership with Scottish Wildcat Action, which includes efforts to protect what’s left in the wild and a conservation breeding programme led by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS).

For more information, visit the birdfair website. 


Scotland: The Big Picture Conference

WHEN? 9am – 6pm, Saturday 21st september 2019

John Lister-Kaye will be speaking at the annual The Big Picture conference in Stirling on the theme of rewilding. 

For more information, visit the SCOTLAND: THE BIG PICTURE website.


An Evening with Sir John Lister-Kaye

WHEN? 7pm, Saturday 5th october 2019
WHERE? Findon Hall, Culbokie

By invitation of the Culbokie Community Trust, John Lister-Kaye will host an evening of tales and anecdotes of life as a naturalist in the Highlands, Aigas Field Centre and the Scottish Wildcat project and his latest book, The Dun Cow Rib

For more information, visit the culbokie community trust website.